Short Sale Outsourcing for Real Estate Agents & Mortgage Lenders

Short Sale Services

When the borrower is unable to pay the contractual payments due to numerous financial and market conditions, he/she is considered to default on the mortgage obligations. Under these circumstances, the respective property may undergo foreclosure. To prevent the property from undergoing foreclosure, there are several options to the borrowers such as Short Sale. Our short sale services include:

  • Send Short Sale Package to Home Owner
  • Followup with the HO and answer any questions
  • Receive Completed Package from HO
  • Review and Request Missing Documents from HO
  • List Property in MLS
  • Receive Purchase Contract from Listing Agent
  • Send Short Sale Package to Mortgage Lender / Servicer
  • Followup with Mortgage Lender / Servicer till Approval
Foreclosure Management Services
We deal with Attorney firms, manage your attorney network and the entire foreclosure process including timeline management, attorney coordination, document preparation and foreclosure sale processing. We ensure that all parties with an interest on the property are properly notified prior to the sale to avoid potential challenges to the foreclosure subsequently. If defects in title are not detected and corrected prior to the sale, the sale may need to be rescheduled and/or possibly result in an action against Foreclosing Entity or the law firm for damages arising out of a wrongful foreclosure.

Lien Research
Any exceptional loans which was thrown out from the system where it as same situs with different Tax ids, Same tax idís with different situs address, to be determined properties etc. Service includes:

  • Review every loan for current Senior Lien update and current BPO
  • Track the Senior Lien Holders using various applications
  • Interact with the Foreclosure attorneys to track the foreclosure status and sale results
  • Interact with Senior Lien Holders for loan updates
  • Interact with the US Bankruptcy attorneys to check the Bankruptcy Status and filing of Motion for Relief
  • Order an Exterior/Interior Brokers Price Opinion on the property
  • Perform cost analysis on the property and decide on existing Junior Lien of GMAC, i.e., modify the loan, file motion of relief, and proceed for foreclosure or to charge off the loan

Tax Search
Report and pay the tax id and tax amounts to tax collector nationwide of escrow loans for various banks in US.

Any claims raised by the mortgage banks like Chase, CitiMortgage against the tax service those loans will be validated before paying the penalty
Loan Modification
After trial period gmac approves permanent mod, we verify and re-approve the loan mod and try to bring the defaulted borrower current
Money Moving
Itís an actual process of moving funds from department and bank, objective is to bring borrower current with the loan
Short Sale
When modification fails short sale starts. Based on borrower and lenderís situation we help them save funds by discounting 3rd party (Attorneys) and other agents